MV Good Wind

The MV Good Wind is the latest vessel acquired by Trans Hex Marine in 2022 and is used as a multipurpose supply and survey vessel. With her flat and open back deck she is ideally suited for supplying the other mining vessels of Trans Hex Marine with food, stores, fuels and all other spares required to keep the other vessels operational and thus minimizing their downtime.

The MV Good Wind is a relatively new vessel as she was built in 2012, with an overall length of 52 meters and a width of 15 meters.

During 2022 the vessel was set up to conduct geophysical surveys by hull mounting the latest available Simrad Multibeam EM 2040 system as well as the newest version of Topas 40, together with a fully integrated survey control room.

Magnetic signature mapping of the seafloor sediment is also undertaken by towing a SeaSPY2 marine magnetometer behind the vessel, to identify paleo-beaches enriched with heavy minerals in association with magnetite.

The Good Wind is an ideal vessel, due to the fact that she is fuel economical for survey, supply and refuelling works.